How does Insurance Fiduciary complete our team?

IF acts as the insurance resource for your practice to benefit your clients, offering expertise and objective insight.  We frame our relationship based on how involved you, as an advisor want to be involved in the process.


What types of coverage do you provide guidance for?

Life Insurance, Disability, Long-term care and fixed annuity policies.


What insurance carriers do you work with?

We are carrier agnostic, only fitting the proper policy based on situation.  We have no incentive to use one carrier over another.  Our only requirement is that carriers meet a financial strength standard ( A rating or better).


I am a RIA/CPA/EPA, how can I work with you?

We make it easy.  We work with many advisors locally but also groups throughout the country. We leverage technology to offer video conferencing and phone support directly to you and your clients. Local partners have found we are always available for in-person meetings.  


Can the public come to 'IF' directly?

We will never turn away an individual looking for objective input for their insurance planning needs.  Our business model, however is primarily driven through relationships with advisors.


What is the benefit of working with 'IF' as opposed to instructing a client to find their own solution?

Solidifying relationships and adding value to your clients. We offer transparency and a fiduciary approach, often hard to come by in insurance planning.


Insurance costs are often based on underwriting, do you do anything different?

Absolutely.  In our early days our firm was focused on placing policies for insurance agents.  We developed a strong acumen for underwriting advocacy on behalf of clients.  We have access to in-house underwriters and advanced planning (tax) attorneys when necessary.


What is the client experience?

We prioritize education.  You can expect clients to be 'enlightened' on what they may already have and their options for what solutions may work for their needs.


Do you only work on new policies?

Unequivocally no.  In most situations a thorough review of existing coverage is paramount.  In many situations keeping, or managing what a client has is the prudent approach.  We offer policy reviews to any clients of advisors that partner with us.